10 Amazing Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia located in the Asian continent is a country known for its attractive valleys, remarkable mountains, and the Red Sea seashores. You can see its amazing places to visit in Saudi Arabia in this article. The thirteen provinces of this country have some astonishingly good places to visit at least once in a lifetime. Muslims during Hajj and Umrah also visit such places to get entertained. Traveling agents provide different packages such as Umrah packages to facilitate the pilgrims. Some of the important places that must be visited, while traveling to Saudi Arabia are below.

1-Masjid-Al-Haram Mecca, Saudi Arabia:
Located in the city of Mecca, this beautiful Masjid-Al-Haram also called the House of Allah SWT is one of the amazing places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Being the largest masjid in the world, this holy masjid also known as Kaaba is the splendid place in Saudi Arabia where Muslims come from all across the world for pilgrimage. Covering an area of 88.2 acres this divine land has the capacity for around 4 million pilgrims and every year Pilgrims gather in very huge numbers to perform Hajj

2- Masjid-Al-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia:
Masjid-Al -Nabawi is another stunning masjid established in the city of Medina – Saudi Arabia, built by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and currently in the hold of the Saudi government. With a beautiful green dome construction, this masjid is open for several services including learning and worship throughout the year.

3-Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, Riyadh:
Established in 1920, this amazing Royal Air Force Museum is the center of magnetism for many of the visitors and travelers who wish to know more about the air force, crafts, historical facts, figures, and the space of Saudi Arabia. Situated in Riyadh, this inspiring museum is open every day except for Mondays and it has an outdoor static park as well as an extraordinary indoor museum

4-Kingdom Tower Jeddah:
The world’s tallest building captivates many visitors from all around the world. Being a superb slender and highest building, known as Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom tower is the building for which the architects have decided to make it taller by just one kilometer more so that it makes the world record. This astonishing 3280ft tall building is a beautiful skyscraper that talks to the sky would include some hotels and office space shortly.

5-Al Tayebat International City, Jeddah:
Al Tayebat International city, situated in the city of Jeddah, is the hub of charm in Saudi Arabia for many foreigners, who are fascinated by its architecture and crafts. It is a museum where attractive items are displayed that depicts the past culture of Saudi Arabia. With 300 rooms in 12 different buildings, this museum made up of limestone and coral blocks, was the Palace of King Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil who was a very wealthy merchant.

6-King’s Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:
King’s fountain is one of the best places in Saudi Arabia and it is tremendously attractive because it is the world’s tallest fountain in the city of Jeddah. The jet boosts water to an altitude of 853 meters. Situated at the red sea, the beautiful fountain is one of the attractive places which are observable from most of the places within the city.

7-Madain Saleh:
Madain Saleh is one of the archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia and has a royal monument with good description. History tells that this site used to have fresh water and it attracted many settlers who later started carving, restoring, and drilling the wells at this rocky place. It is 300 km away from Jeddah and has great rocky carvings that look highly mesmerizing because it is extremely dry out there and the infrastructure hasn’t yet changed.

8-Dumat al Jundal:
Dumat al Jundal is another exciting place in the province Al Jawf, almost 37 km away from that has a beautiful Mard building just like a castle which is called Fort giant. The name Dumat al Jundal is derivative from the saying “Dumah of Stone” because it was the place engaged by famous people in the early times. Though, the fort is constructed at the height of 2000ft on the land of Saudi Arabia.

9-Albatoul Marine, Saudi Arabia:
The water blob is the most enjoyable thing to do when it comes to Albatoul Marine in Saudi Arabia. With the up thrust of water, you get to fly up high in the air due to high pressure while the surrounding looks exceptionally beautiful. It’s all about finding the balance and then you get to enjoy all the jumps and or fly boarding.

10-Rock Carving Sites:
Rock Carving Sites are remarkable historical places in Saudi Arabia. These two places Jubbah and Shuwaymus are known for the rocky archaeological site with many carvings that captivate everyone who visits this place. The things impressed on these stones and rocks depict how people used to pass their lives in the early times.

Many people consider Saudi Arabia only as a sacred place due to Haram but there are many other places to visit during Umrah & tour visa. Organizers provide many cheapest Umrah packages 2022 from London to facilitate the tourist. One must visit above mentioned places during his stay in Saudi Arabia.

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