10 Hidden Secrets of Medina That You Don’t Know

10 Hidden Secrets of Medina That You Don’t Know

Medina is one of the blessed cities after Makah and you must know some hidden secrets of medina. Numerous reasons make this city outstanding from others. One can visit Medina by availing of Umrah packages. Muslims across the globe come to Medina to get the blessing of this city. Many secrets of this holy city are still hidden from many of us, some are described as below.

Medina will be the only city that would be protected by the ire and anarchy created by Dajjal. Allah’s Messenger told us a long narrative about Ad-Dajjal, and among the many things he stated, was his saying, “Ad-Dajjal will come and it will be prohibited for him to pass through the entrances of Medina. He will land in some of the salty barren areas (outside) Medina; on that day the best man or one of the best men will come up to him and say, ‘I testify that you are the same Dajjal whose portrayal was given to us by Allah’s messenger .’ Ad-Dajjal will say to the people, ‘If I kill this man and bring him back to life again, will you doubt my claim?’ They will say, ‘No.’ Then Ad-Dajjal will kill that man and bring him back to life. That man will say, ‘Now I know your reality better than before.’ Ad-Dajjal will say, ‘I want to kill him but I cannot.

Masjid Quba is where the Prophet SAW, accompanied by Abu Bakar RZ, first stayed in Medina after emigrating from Makah. They arrived on Monday 12th Rabi al-Awwal, fourteen years after Prophethood and this date marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar (Hijra), (16th July 622 CE). A mosque was established here by the Prophet SAW, the first to be built in Islam.

When unwrapping hidden secrets of medina, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is part of the secret list. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi also called the Prophet’s Mosque, is a mosque established and firstly built by Prophet Muhammad SAW, situated in the city of Medina. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi was the second mosque built in the history of Islam and is now one of the largest mosques in the world. The current construction dates back to the early years of the 1990s.

This gold grill is the front part of the Roza Mubarak, the Sacred Chamber in which the Prophet Muhammad SAW passed away and where he is buried. It also houses the graves of the first two Caliphs of Islam, Abu Bakr RZ and Umar RZ. With regards to visiting Medina and performing the Ziyarat (visiting the grave of the Holy Prophet SAW, the Prophet SAW said: “Whoever visits me after my death is like he who had visited me during my life.”

The Riyaad-Ul-Jannah is a part of the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s masjid and he pointed it out during his lifetime. Compared to the expanded mosque these days, the Riyaad-ul-Jannah is a small section near the front of the masjid and on the right-hand side of where he, Prophet Muhammad SAW lies buried. In an authentic hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said.
“The area between my house and my minbar is one of the gardens of Paradise. Thus it is a place of virtue and every Muslim wishes to sit there and do acts of worship in this exceptional place.

Jannat-Ul-Baqi is located in the southeast part of the Prophet’s Masjid, Jannatul Baqi is the first graveyard in the city of Medina. It is also called Baqi al-Gharqad and is a significant Islamic site in the Hejazi region. This cemetery locates the graves of the Prophet Muhammad’s SAW family members along with numerous companions. Also called the Garden of Heaven, this cemetery is the main in the city and holds at least 10,000 graves of the Prophet Muhammad’s SAW companions.

Masjid Al-Qiblatain constructed by Sawad bin Ghanam bin Kaab during the second year of Hijra is traditionally significant to Muslims because it is where the Quran’s revelation for Prophet Muhammad SAW to change the direction of the qibla took place. The qibla, or the direction to which Muslims face during prayer, was then changed forever, from Bait Al-Maqdis in Jerusalem to the Holy Kaaba in Makkah. This happened on the 15th of Shaban, when Prophet Muhammad SAW led his companions during Dhuhr prayers, then was directed by a Quran’s revelation to face toward the Kaaba. Thus, the Kaaba became the Qibla for all Muslims across the world. The masjid was named after this incident, as the masjid of the two qiblas, because part of the prayer was performed facing Jerusalem, and the rest was toward Makkah.

The Peaks of Uhud is the mount of heaven and Jabil e Ayr is the mount of Hell. The word Uhud has been derivative from the word Ahad meaning “the One” and Ayr means “wild ass”. Mount of Uhud has great history because the Battle of Uhud was fought against Kufaar at the place for Uhud Mountain. Prophet Muhammad SAWW said; “Uhud is a mountain which loves us and which we love, it is upon the gate of heaven and Ayr is a place which hates us and which we hate, it is upon the gate of hell.”

WADI-E-JINN is just 30 km away from Medina, the place holds a mystery that has appealed to and captivated people from around the world. The biggest anonymous of the valley is that cars and automobiles move on the road without the driver touching the steering. It has been witnessed that the vehicles are moved towards Medina, and locals believe that Jinn is present in the place. It offers a breath-taking view with a clear blue sky. It is famous as Wadi Al-Jinn or Wadi Al-Baidah.

This is also called the Ustuwaanah Mukhallaq. This is the holiest of the pillars for this was the Prophet SAW’s place of salah. On this spot there once used to grow a date palm tree. Before the advent of the mimbar, the Prophet SAW used to lean on it while delivering the sermon. When the mimbar was made the Prophet SAW used it for the khutbah. It so happened when the change took place, such a bitter sound of weeping was heard from the tree that the whole masjid echoed; and those in the masjid started weeping. The Prophet SAW then said: “The tree cries because the zikr of Allah was near it, and now that the mimbar is built it has been deprived of this zikr in its immediate vicinity. If I did not place my hand on it, it would have cried thus till the Day of Qiyamah.” Later the tree dried up and was buried.

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