5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Ramadan

Where blessed month of Ramadan brings uncountable blessings there by following precautions and tips for staying healthy during the month of Ramadan. As fast offer us a lesson of patience there it helps us to recover from our bad eating habits too. Muslims enjoy a special blessed month in Makah while offering Umrah with their family and friends by availing Umrah packages.

Tips for a Healthy Ramadan:
Taking care of health is also as necessary as performing other obligations so by following a few tips one can make sure healthy life. These tips will help to maintain us fit and healthy and also reshape our physical strength.

TIP NO 1- Choose Right foods at Suhoor:
Suhoor should be a healthy food providing you with energy to last day long until Iftar. Choose the right meal to withstand you through the fast. Eating compound carbohydrates, such as fruit and vegetables, beans, chickpeas, and lentils, will provide you with an ongoing source of energy whole the day long. Include low-fat dairy products, such as low-fat yogurt laban, with your meal, and try to include healthy unsaturated fats like fruits avocado, unsalted nuts, salmon, olives, and olive oil.

TIP NO 2- Gain your Energy back at Iftar:
Eating three dates to break your fast is a traditional and great Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW and a healthy way to begin Iftar. Dates are a brilliant source of fiber. Choose whole grains, which deliver the body with energy and fiber. Enjoy grilled or baked slender meat, skinless chicken, and fish, to get a good portion of healthy protein. Try to avoid oil-fried and processed cooked foods high in fat or sugar. Enjoy your food and avoid overeating by eating slowly.

TIP NO 3- Avoid Fried Foods:
The main aspect that turns out to be the reason behind all the weight increase during Ramadan is oily foods. Fried foods contain very high calories and are very low in nutrients. There are many other healthy options to choose from other than fried foods that are already typical of Ramadan.

TIP NO 4- Reduce Sugar Intake:
Another major factor for weight gain during Ramadan is sugar consumed in the month from sugar-laden drinks and sweets. The best thing to do is to avoid refined sugars because it is the last thing you need in your body if you purpose to lose weight or not gain weight during Ramadan.

TIP NO 5- Plan Daily Workout:
During Ramadan, people feel dazed to adjust to the new routine. Lack of hours of sleep also inclines to have an impact on the mind and body. Therefore, it is very important to do some kind of physical activity such as brisk walking or exercise that will keep the body fit, especially when it’s a weight loss goal.

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