Can I Perform Umrah on a Business Visa

Can I Perform Umrah on a Business Visa?

Saudi Arabia is a prosperous country in the Middle East. That’s why people go there for business opportunities. If you are in the oil business or energy business, then you can find a business visa easily. 50% of business visa applicants apply for that reason.

However, today, we will talk about another aspect of a business visa, which is performing an Umrah during your business tour. We will tell you all the detail in general and in particular. So, you must keep reading further. 

Types of visas issued by Saudi Arab There are multiple types of visas granted by Saudi Arab. We will describe a few below.

  • Hajj visa
  • Umrah visa 
  • Business visa
  • Contracted work visa
  • Independent work visa
  • Tourist visa

We will describe a few detail points of each visa

Hajj Visa

This type of visa is issued to all pilgrims for 40 days. And it is only granted in specific months. No pilgrim can renew this visa after its expiration date. 

Everyone that has come to Saudi Arabia on the Hajj visa needs to go back on time. If someone does not follow the restriction, he/she will be forcefully deported, which will not be a good idea.

If you search about the Traveling agencies which provide Umrah packages and Hajj packages, then it would become easier to get the right Hajj visa without facing any hurdle.

Umrah Visa

This type of visa is issued for Muslims only for a specific time. The minimum time is two weeks, and the maximum time is four weeks. 

However, a pilgrim can apply for extension in the visa, which can be granted for genuine reasons, such as a medical emergency. Under a new resolution approved by Saudi Arabia, Umrah pilgrims will now be allowed to travel across Saudi Arabia while staying in the country.

Earlier, Umrah visa visitors have bound to Mecca and Medina as well as Jeddah. If you want to visit any other city, then you have to apply for permission, which is granted for specific reasons, such as meeting with relatives or visiting Holy Sites.

Business Visa

This visa is granted to business persons who want to invest in Saudi Arabia or need to handle business affairs. If you have sizeable equity in a company or commercial venture in oil and energy, then you can get a business visa quickly. 

You can only visit allowed cities on this visa. The visa does not allow you to perform any other operation.

Contracted Work Visa

This type of visa is granted to working persons who are skilled or non-skilled. Generally, these persons are hired by Saudi companies and business people. You can travel to your work city on this visa. Moreover, you can also perform Umrah on this visa.

Independent Work Visa

This visa is granted for a person who wants to avail of work opportunities in Saudi Arabia. For example, shop-keeping, self-employed trades, and many more. The visa is granted for specific years.  You can renew your visa on expiration. Moreover, you are allowed to perform an Umrah on this visa. Even you can perform Hajj on this visa.

Tourist Visa

This visa is a new presentation from Saudi Arabia, which allows foreigners to come to Saudi Arabia for tourism. On this visa, you can explore all the cities of Saudi Arabia. But if you are a non-Muslim, then you are not allowed to visit the Holy Places Makkah and Medina. 

However, a hefty fee is associated with this visa. Therefore, a middle-class income person cannot afford it.

Can you Perform Umrah on a Business Visa?

The Saudi law does not allow you to perform an Umrah on a business visa. You have to face the punishment or might go to jail. After that, you will be deported to your country, where you have to face other legalities. But many business visa holders perform an Umrah by escaping the law. We do not recommend you follow that trend because Saudi law is strict. 

If you get caught, then you will have to face court, which can sentence you harder punishments as per the Saudi Laws. It’s better to contact a traveling agency that provides Umrah packages and hajj packages, so you can contact them even you have a business visa.

They will come up with a reliable and fast solution, which will allow you to perform the Spiritual journey without facing any issue.

How Can you Get Caught?

As per the Saudi Rules, people roaming around in their city without having any prior reason is unbearable. They will be caught you in different places by asking for your identification.

It’s better to go to the Holy place with a valid reason, and show a reliable and safe existence of yourself in front of the Government.


We have described that you cannot legally perform an Umrah on a business visa. Business visas are issued to individuals who can be investors, businessmen, sales reps, managers, etc. Umrah is not a business tour and trip. Instead, you can say it’s a sacred tour.

You are not legally allowed to perform Umrah on a business visa. If you get caught doing it on a business visa you may have to pay a fine, or you may be jailed for a while.

Visitors should follow and respect the Islamic laws and regulations of the state because we are good citizens, not violators. So, it would help if you kept that in mind and never get adventurous.

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