Difference Between Shifting and Non Shifting Hajj

Difference Between Shifting and Non Shifting Hajj

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Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam which was made obligatory in 9th Hijri, upon the revelation of verse in Surah Al-Imran. Hajj is a sacred journey to Mecca and performing different rituals in the Holy Month of Dhu Al-Hijjah from 8th to 13th day. Hajj is not obligatory to every Muslim except those who are physically and financially strong enough to afford it, once in their life. It is also the most challenging one as it requires more faith, struggle, time, wealth, and patience compared to the other four pillars of Islam.

Every year almost 2 million Muslims perform Hajj, reported by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Saudi Arabia. In 2007 Government of Saudi Arabia started demolishing Hotels and accommodation places that were close to the Haram Shareef to construct new, tall buildings and hotels to deal with increasing congestion every coming year. As there is not enough accommodation for all these Pilgrims to stay close to Haram Shareef during peak days. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah with the help of Tour operators decided to manage and facilitate those Pilgrims by introducing two types of packages. One is Shifting Hajj and the other is Non-Shifting Hajj.

These types are based on the fixed location near the proximity of Haram Shareef during the stay and relocation of Pilgrims to another location in Al-Aziziyah during peak rush days.

What is the Shifting Hajj?

In Shifting Hajj, the accommodation is close to Haram Shareef proximity in the start, but Pilgrims have to relocate to another location which is ( it’s a singular location so “is” is correct instead of “are” ) four to five kilometers away from Haram Shareef and called as Al-Aziziyah. To facilitate those who arrive close to the peak rush days i.e. from 1st Dhu Al-Hijjah to 15 Dhu Al-Hijjah. And then relocating to the same location close to Haram Shareef as peak rush days passed. After relocating to Al-Aziziyah these Pilgrims are facilitated by buses as a means of transport to travel from Al-Aziziyah to Haram Shareef 5 times a day to offer their prayers in Haram Shareef and perform rituals. 

What Is a Non Shifting Hajj?

In non shifting Hajj the Pilgrims are provided fixed accommodation which is close to Haram Shareef proximity. There is no relocation to another hotel during their stay as their total days of staying in Mecca and Medina are less than the Shifting Hajj Pilgrims who have to relocate. So they stay at one location in Mecca and Madinah during their Hajj duration. The cost is very high for hotels and accommodation which are close to the proximity of Haram Shareef during peak rush days i.e. from 1st Dhu Al-Hijjah to 15 Dhu Al-Hijjah but they don’t have to put extra energy to pick their luggage and relocate to another location. Plus, they don’t have to take local transport 5 times a day to come back to Haram Shareef because their accommodation is a walking distance to Haram Shareef.

What Are the Characteristics of Shifting Hajj?

The Shifting Hajj package is low in cost because accommodation in Al-Aziziyah is cheap as compared to those hotels which are closer to Haram Shareef. In this Hajj, more energy is required if you want to offer your prayers in Haram Shareef regularly because you have to travel from Al-Aziziyah to Haram Shareef regularly. And the relocation is another hectic process in Shifting Hajj after you discover comfort at staying at one location then moving to a different location far away from Haram Shareef and get settled in Al-Aziziyah. Sometimes you need to walk for thirty to sixty minutes to reach Haram Shareef in case there is no local transport available. Sometimes if you got late and failed to get a seat in Buses and decide to take a cab to reach Haram Shareef, It will cost you extra money.

What Are Pros and Cons of Shifting and Non-Shifting Hajj?

Both of these Hajj types have their pros and cons. It depends upon you which one you prefer as everyone decides a different budget for Hajj according to their savings and lifestyle. If your budget is low but energy is high and you can handle the struggle during relocation and put extra energy and patience during that duration, these extra struggles will be rewarded in the form of peace and satisfaction upon completion of Hajj. Then you should choose the Shifting Hajj as it is cost less than the Non-Shifting Hajj. If you prefer comfort and perform your Hajj in ease and don’t want to relocate to Al-Aziziyah and stay at the place during your stay in Mecca. Then you should choose the Non-Shifting Hajj.

Which Hajj package You Should Choose?

It doesn’t matter which package you choose, both are the same for Allah because you want to obey His order and complete your Faith. Allah is going to test your faith in Him as he tested Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and his family because Hajj is the replication of those struggles and sacrifices. So be patient during performing those Hajj rituals. Hajj is the most difficult act as compared to fasting, Salah, and Zakat and is the combination of all these in form. If your other pillars of Islam are strong then Hajj will be easy for you if they are not you will strengthen them during and After Hajj. Allah will bless you like He Blessed Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and his family after those struggles and Sacrifice.

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