Guidelines on Umrah with Children or Elderly

Umrah is the most valued dream for a Muslim and the journey has to be picture-perfect. Women are only allowed to travel or to perform Umrah with a Mahram but a woman gets parted from the man who is accompanying her in Masjid-e-Nabawi and Masjid-al-Haram where there are distinct sections for men and women. Usually, parents are unsure about taking their kids on Umrah because of the parting and it becomes problematic for women to perform the ceremonials and also take care of the children. But, Umrah with children does not need to be worrying if you think of certain guidelines. Here are some of the most important guidelines on going for Umrah with children by availing Umrah packages, especially in the crowded month of Ramadan.

Educate Purpose of Travel To Kids:
Kids need to know the purpose of the journey. It is a good idea to talk to them about why the trip is being taken and the prominence of Umrah. It is unlike any other vacation and there will be continuous visits to the mosques. It is suggested to teach your children about certain prayers according to their age.

Get Vaccinate Your Kids:
It is really important to get the kids vaccinated. It is required for Infants, children, and even for adults to get a vaccination for meningitis. Children between the age group of 2-15 years need to have meningitis and polio vaccinations before travel. Doctors recommend these vaccinations to be taken a few weeks or a month in advance as the kids might get a fever or a side effect.

Dress children accordingly:
A child’s dressing is relatively important. People keep wearing clothes their children in western clothes which might appeal to too much attention; therefore, it should be avoided. Though, in the case of children above 6 years old, it is finest to dress them in Ihram. Little girls should be wearing a Hijab to make it a practice

Carry Children’s belongings:
Pilgrims should carry some small toys to keep the young children busy during the masjid visits. However, dolls, action figures, or toys like living animals or humans, should not be taken, as these are forbidden at the mosque gates. Electronic gadgets are also restricted to use in Masjid like the video games and other entertainment.

Always be with Children’s in Crowd:
Masjid-al-Haram is one of the most jam-packed places on earth. So remember to not let your children out of your sight. It is important to have the children close and grip their hands, specifically at the gates. If a person enters the masjid to pray with the kid, it is good to find a less-crowded place.

Use of Strollers and Wheel Chairs:
Strollers are not permitted inside the masjids. Though, wheelchairs are obtainable for rent and can be used for seating children.

Food and Water Management:
Food and water are not readily accessible so remember to bring snacks for the children, in case they get hungry. A small empty bottle to be filled up with zam-zam water should also be carried. Other foods should also be packed for the children.

Umrah with Elderly:
Performing Umrah with family particularly the parents can be a memorable experience. Helping your elderly parents to complete all the spiritual rituals not only gives you mental gratification but also spiritual satisfaction.

Don’t lose Patience:
Try to be patient always and remember Allah recompenses every deed that is done with a good purpose and for his sake. Anas ibn Malik (RA) narrated that the Prophet SAW said: “If a young man respects an elderly on account of his age, Allah assigns someone to honor him in his old age.”

Umrah with children of a parent in the elderly stage is a memorable experience of life. This task itself has many virtues in it. Pilgrims can go for Umrah from Bradford by availing best Umrah package 2022 Bradford with all necessary facilities in it.

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