Importance & Benefits of Holy Month of Ramadan

The revelation of the Quran was completed to Prophet Muhammad SAW during the month of Ramadan, creating this holy month a highly weighty and increases the blessings and benefits of Ramadan than another one. Muslims also wish to perform Umrah in this sacred month, for their ease cheapest Ramadan Umrah packages from London are available. It is important to know what makes the month of Ramadan so sacred for Muslims. Let us count some marvelous blessings from this holy month of fasting.

The Act of Fasting:
The act of fasting especially in Ramadan is a blessing as it is one of the major pillars of Islam. The five pillars of Islam, with the Quran as a guide, form a Muslim. It is a responsibility for Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan. Fasting, in the case of Islam, is self-discipline. A Muslim must refrain from food, drink, and sexual relations and confine from undesirable thoughts during their fast in the month of Ramadan.

Multiplication of Rewards:
The month of Ramadan is all about tolerance and genuine commitment, and you will be rewarded for them. These rewards come from honestly performing good deeds and satisfying your duties as a Muslim

Forgiveness of Sins:
The month of Ramadan is also a month of compassionating. Allah SWT is the most merciful to all His believers. Most Muslims would make use of this holy month to pray for forgiveness for their wrong deeds, deliberate or accidental, they’ve committed in the last year.

The door of Rayyan:
The Door of Rayyan is one of the Nobel doors in Heaven that is explicitly “reserved” for Muslims who fast during the month of Ramadan. Those who are committed honestly to fasting during the holy month will enter through this door on the Day of Judgment.

Laylatul Qadr:
The Night “Laylatul Qadr” falls on the last ten odd nights of the month of Ramadan. The exact time and date have been a secret to all Muslims but rewards for your good deeds and prayers on this specific night will multiply enormously as per Allah SWT’s blessings. Muslims are directed to spend their final ten nights in the month of Ramadan performing several acts of prayers including added sunnah prayers, spending your nights at the masjid, and reading the Holy Quran.

Health Benefits:
Fasting not only cleanses a Muslim’s soul but also his body. Fasting helps reduce weight and revitalize the body as food ingesting is altered and the body gets a chance to cleanse itself of annoying impurities and toxins.

Blessings of Suhoor & Iftar:
Suhoor is the late-night food consumed before the start of the fast. Suhoor provides the Muslim a chance to offer regular nighttime prayers, recites the Holy Quran, spend time doing Zikar, and offer Fajr prayers. Muslims would break their fast right after sunset with Azan. The breaking of their fast for the day, or Iftar, is truly a blessing for every Muslim as he or she concludes a day of worship to Allah SWT.

Ramadan provides a chance to get close to Allah SWT through setting our routine accordingly Islamic values. Many Muslims wish to perform Umrah in this holy month due to its high rewards. Umrah packages 2022 from Manchester are available for citizens of Manchester to avail this blessed opportunity in the month of Ramadan.

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