Importance & Dua for First, Second & Third Ashra of Ramadan

Each day and night of Ramadan is significant. Muslims try to get all blessings of this month through different obligations, prayers and Dua for First, Second and Third Ashra of Ramadan. Fasting in Ramadan is an important pillar of Islam. Ramadan is the month of seeking forgiveness, collecting blessings, and getting rid of all evils. Performing Umrah in Ramadan has very high significance as its virtues are equal to Hajj. Many cheap Ramadan Umrah packages with flights are available to get this blessed opportunity in the month of Ramadan.

Three stages of the Month of Ramadan:
Ramadan has three parts and each division is for ten days each called Ashra, making it a month of three Ashra’s. These three Ashra’s have their values and blessing. This division helps to cover all aspects of obligations step by step in a comprehensive way.

First Ashra (Mercy):
First, 10 days of month of the Ramadan are the days of Mercy. Every Muslim must seek the mercy of Almighty Allah SWT these days. There is a special Dua of First ashra of Ramadan that typically recites Muslims in the first ten days.

DUA: The Dua for the first Ashra is, Translation: “O! My Lord forgive and have pitied and you are the Best of Compassionate.”
The objective of first Ashra is practicing being merciful to other fellow beings by giving charity is the act that Allah loves the most. Treat fellow Muslims well by controlling your anger.

Second Ashra (Forgiveness):
The second Ashra of Ramadan comprises of the next ten days; it is the time of forgiveness. These are the days of forgiveness and a Muslim must search for forgiveness from Allah SWT and regret all his sins.

DUA: There is a special verse that usually recites Muslims in the next ten days. The Dua for the 2nd Ashra is, Translation: “I ask forgiveness of my sins from Allah SWT who is my Lord and I turn towards Him.”
It’s the time when the forgiveness of Allah SWT is at its ultimate, and this is the best time for asking about forgiveness for all the sins from Allah SWT. Always ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT in all these days. Do make sure to not recurrence the sins after you seek forgiveness.

Third Ashra (Nijat):
The third Ashra of Ramadan starts from 21st Ramadan and ends on the 29th or 30th of Ramadan according to the moon. Third Ashra is known as Protection from the Hell which means Nijat. The end of Ramadan is about seeking in Allah SWT from Hellfire. Every Muslim must beg for the safety of Hellfire. Last Ashra is very significant and superior. In this Ashra Lailatul Qadar also comes which is better than the nights of thousand months. Many Muslims also practice Aitkaf and try to maximize their prayers. Allah SWT stated in the Holy Quran regarding Lailatul Qadar: “We sent it (Quran) down on a blessed Night. Verily,

DUA: for third Ashra: is, Translation: “O Allah! Protect me from Hell-Fire.”

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