Important information on Umrah of Minors or Children

Umrah is the most esteemed dream for a Muslim and the journey has to be well organized. Women are only allowed to travel or to perform Umrah with a Mahram but there are certain rules and regulations which need to follow in case of minors and children. Here are some of the most important guidelines on going for Umrah with minors/children to preplan the journey. Muslims can also enjoy this tour in the month of Ramadan by availing of Umrah package deals.

The Rules for Minors and Children’s:
Umrah is valid for the children who have touched the age of seven years and for those who have not yet reached that age but there are certain Umrah rules for children who travel to Makkah explain below.

Custodian or Guardian Required:
A custodian should form the purpose of Umrah for a child below the age of 7 years after. Covering him in Ihram’s clothes keeps him away from everything that is prohibited in the state of Ihram. The caretaker should make the intention that the child has entered Ihram.

Performing rituals of Umrah on Behalf Of Minor:
The guardian who is carrying out Umrah on behalf of a minor should also form the intention of Tawaf and saee on the child’s behalf. He can carry the child during the two rituals. It is preferable to do Tawaf on his behalf first and then on behalf of the child. But if he does just one Tawaf, it is also enough for both of them. As far as Saee is concerned, it is acceptable to do one Saee on his behalf and on behalf of the child that he carries.

Cutting/ Shaving Hair:
After the child has done Tawaf and saee, the guardian should perform shave the head or cut the hair. Shaving is better because the Prophet SAW offered supplication thrice for those who shaved their heads and once for those who cut their hair. If you are afraid that the child may suffer from a cold or any other reason, it is sufficient to cut the hair but the hair must be taken from all parts of the head.

Get Vaccinate Your Kids:
It is really important to get the kids vaccinated before travel. It is required for Infants, children, and even for adults to get a vaccination for meningitis. Children between the age group of 2-15 years need to have meningitis and polio vaccinations before travel. The doctor advised these vaccinations to be taken a few weeks or a month in advance as the kids might get a fever or a side effect.

Umrah with children is an unforgettable experience of life. By complying with the entire basic requirement it becomes very easy to perform the Umrah with minors in a regarded way. Normally a pilgrim always remains in search that, where are Umrah packages near me? Many organizers are now providing Umrah facilities in different cities to ease the pilgrims even with minors. To get in touch with them every Muslim can fulfill their spiritual dream to travel for Umrah.

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