Is it true that Saudi Arabia pays the Hajj for converts?

Islam is the religion of peace, which has the meaning of peace in its name. If you study the life of famous Sufi Muslims, then you will find one thing in common, which is peace. In fact, Islam prohibits Muslims from giving pain to anyone, even to animals. Once you read Is it true that Saudi Arabia pays the Hajj for converts? you can understand what we want to say.

That’s why many people are converting to Islam because of its peaceful teachings.

We have encountered a question from a person that Saudi Arabia is an iconic Muslim country, whether it pays for the Hajj for converted Muslims. It’s a big question to answer. We will try to answer that. So, you must keep reading further. It will amuse you.

How a person converts to Islam?

A person can be converted to Islam by any Muslim. For that, the person willing to convert must recite Kalema, which is La Ilaha, Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah, which means there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (PBUH) is His messenger. When that person recites that verse, then he/she belongs to Islam. And all Muslims have to help him in all ways, which include teaching the ritual, the Quran, and other important things.

After converting to Islam, every person must choose a Muslim name and abide by Salah five times a day. Before Salah, abolition is a must. Moreover, a weekly bath is a must.

Does marriage remain intact for a converted Muslim?

It’s a big question. If a man converts to Islam, then his marriage will remain intact. He can continue to practice marriage and relationships. It’s his choice to compel his wife for Islam or continue the marriage with wife belonging to other religion.

However, if a woman converts to Islam, then her marriage broke. She has to marry a Muslim because Islam does not allow a Muslim woman to remain in the marriage with a non-Muslim. Moreover, Islam does not allow a Muslim woman to marry outside of Islam. However, Muslim men are allowed to marry women of people of the book, who are Christians and Jews.

Does a converted Muslim have to perform a Hajj?

Hajj is an obligation for Muslims, which is on all Muslims once in a lifetime if they have enough resources. Therefore, if a converted Muslim has enough resources that he/she can travel to KSA, then he/she has to perform Hajj. However, it is obligatory to perform Hajj right after conversion. A converted Muslim can wait for one year or two years in order to learn all the basic teachings of Islam. However, many converted Muslims come to KSA right after conversion, which is due to their passion for visiting the house of Allah and see the place where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) lived.

What to learn after conversion to Islam?

A converted Muslim must learn to read the Quran. Secondly, he/she must learn to perform Salah and memorize the prayers of Salah. Thirdly, he/she must learn to clean himself/herself according to Islam, which is shaving underbelly hairs, the proper way of Islamic bath, and abolition. Thirdly, he/she must learn to fast in Ramadhan. Fourthly, he/she must learn to pay Zakat, which is applicable in the case of amassed wealth.

Does Saudi Arabia pay for Hajj for converted Muslims?

No, the Saudi Government is not too generous about that because every year, thousands of people convert to Islam. If the Saudi government starts to pay for all, then it would be a huge burden over the Saudi economy. For example, the usual Hajj cost around $4000 for neighboring countries. And it can reach up to $15000 if the person lives in the US and European countries. If 100K people convert to Islam every year and ask for Hajj expenses, then it will become more than 15 billion dollars every year, which is not affordable for Saudi Arabia in any case. That’s why whoever is telling the myth about free Hajj, is lying. So, the truth is this. Saudi Arabia does not pay for a Hajj for converted Muslims.

Do other Muslims support a converted Muslim?

Yes, other Muslims support a converted Muslim. It is a tradition that Muslims pay money according to affordability at the time of conversion. That’s why many poor persons convert to Islam. Muslim communities support converted Muslims finically. It is a moral responsibility. History has seen many examples when a person converted to Islam, and he got wealthy in a few years because of Muslim brotherly support.

Can a converted Muslim marry right after conversion?

Yes, a converted Muslim can marry right after conversion with Muslim female. There is no restriction in Islam. However, traditionally, Muslims teach all things about Islam to a converted Muslim. After that, they find a suitable partner for that converted Muslim and perform the marriage ceremony according to Islam.


It is a myth that Saudi Arabia pays a Hajj for converted Muslims. If that was true, then every year, Saudi Arabia has to pay billions of dollars to new Muslims right after conversion, which is not possible in this economy.

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