Is There Any Age Limit For Umrah

Is There Any Age Limit For Umrah?

Every Muslim wants to perform an Umrah in his youth. But the financial resources become hurdles. That’s why a person saves for Umrah for many years, then he/she becomes able to perform Umrah properly.

In recent years, the Saudi authorities have put up a limit on Umrah visitors, which only for certain countries. Now, people from those countries have to abide by the rules.

In this post, we will tell you the age requirement for Umrah. So, you must keep reading further.

It will educate you as well as amuse you.

Age Rules for Umrah

There is no age limit for many countries. People of all ages can perform Umrah and get Visa.

However, Saudi Arab banned people under 40 to come alone from three countries, which have a bad reputation for Umrah visitors. People come on Umrah visa and get disappeared. After that, work illegally in the KSA.

These countries are:

  • Pakistan,
  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh

However, if a person under 40 wants to perform Umrah, then he has to come with a relative above 40 years of age.

How to get Umrah visa if you are under 40?

If you want to perform Umrah and you are under 40, then you can get the visa on one condition.

You have to apply for a visa with a relative who has age above 40. Other than that, you cannot get a visa.

Saudi authorities have implemented this restriction due to some reason. As we know that the KSA is a prosperous country. There are many opportunities for employment and labor, which are attractive to the youth. That’s why people want to come to the KSA because it guarantees them better wages than their home country. So, people who cannot get a work visa, apply for an Umrah visa. After landing on the Saudi soil, they contact their friends and disappear from the Umrah group. This way, they use the loophole in order to earn some money, which is illegal in the KSA. These kinds of people become a burden on the Saudi economy and create problems for all.

So, KSA has recognized the countries from which people use this tactic. That’s why Saudi authorities banned people of young age from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Now, young people from these countries do not get the visa.

Procedure to apply for Umrah visa if you are under 40

If you are financially sound and want to perform an Umrah, then you can get the visa. But you have to follow the right procedure. The detail is below.

  • You must get the application from the Saudi embassy’s website.
  • You must fill out two forms—One for yourself and others for your elder relative.
  • Attach your recent passport size photo with white background.
  • Attach a certificate of vaccination against meningitis with the form.
  • Attach fee challan form with your application.
  • You must have the passport validity for six months.
  • You must have two adjacent blank pages in your passport.

You must submit your application through a proper channel. For that, you can assign responsibility to your provider. Or you can submit your application by hand in the embassy. The embassy will review your application. And you will be granted a visa on approval.

What is the duration of your Umrah visa?

You will be granted a visa for a minimum of two weeks, which will be enough for several Umrah rituals. And you can get not more than a month on the visa for Umrah. Therefore, you must set your resources for a minimum of two weeks’ duration, which will also enable you to spend time in Medina.

Can I visit other cities on my Umrah visa?

Many pilgrims want to visit holy historic sites when they are on Umrah. However, rules do not allow you to do so. If you want to travel to other cities while on Umrah, then you must ask for permission in your visa application. It will be permitted to you if you have a strong reason. If you have a relative in the KSA, then you can get permission easily. But you must not break the rule because you will be caught and punished in jail. That’s why we recommend you to stay with your group and never wander around. It will cost you a lot.

Can I renew my Umrah visa after reaching KSA?

No, you cannot renew your visa after reaching the KSA. When your visa duration is over, then you have to leave the KSA. It is the rule. If you do not abide by that, then you will be punished. You can get fined or jail time. After that, you will be forcefully deported to your home country. After that, you will also have to face litigation in your home country. So, we advise you to never go against the Saudi authorities. It will cost you a lot.


We have described all the detail about age restriction on Umrah. Now, you can use the procedure for your benefit. We advise you never to get adventurous on your Umrah tour. It will cost you in terms of jail time. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

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