Packing List for Your Umrah Trip

Muslims from across the globe perform the spiritual trip of Umrah to the holy city of Makah. For this purpose, many travel organizers work with the Umrah packages to assist the pilgrims. This sacred journey should be performed without any annoyance or tension. The first step for this is to make a packing guideline and list of Umrah trip necessities well in advance.

Basic Guideline:
There are plenty of essential items, which are required on this Umrah trip to the house of Allah SWT. Not everyone can have a precise and complete understanding of how to get ready and what to pack for Umrah. To help you put together an Umrah packing list, here’s a rapid Umrah guide checklist of necessary items that’ll make your experience impressive and relaxed.

Travel documents:
Most of the important thing is to Keep travel documents on top while packing essentials for Umrah
Important travel documents include:

• Passport and its photocopies
• Visa
• Flight tickets
• Vaccination certificates
• Hotel booking confirmation copies
• Receipts of payments made for Umrah
• Passport size photographs
• Relationship certificate (in case, you are traveling with your spouse)
• Travel itinerary

Prayer Clothes and footwear essentials for Umrah:
Ihram is the dress code for the Umrah obligation, which is why packing appropriate clothing is one of the most vital tasks to do before the start of the journey. Ihram is two parts of unstitched simple white cloth. Women are also allowed to wear regular clothing, which covers the entire body with only hands and face uncovered. Pilgrim must keep an extra pair of Ihram in case one get dirty.

Consider travel time & weather necessities:
People come to Makah to perform Umrah from different regions. Usually, that includes long flights and road travel which can be exhausting. Therefore it is important to wear and pack clothes that are light in weight and at ease. Another important aspect to consider is the weather in Makah. Even though Makah is hot most of the year so choose light colors and breathable fabrics which is an important factor in packing list for our umrah trip that would not irritate your skin even in the scorching heat.

For both men and women, some key basics for Umrah include two or three pairs of comfortable shoes, waist bag, bathroom slippers, sunglasses, safety pins, prayer mate and hat, and folding umbrella. Further apart from the above-mentioned items, there is some other Umrah nitty-gritty for ladies as well, which include:

Five to ten light and breathable hijabs, Hijab under caps, Hijab pins, Hair accessories, Pair of Socks, Slips or light clothing for wearing under vial, Light pajamas, Blister patches

Basic medication and First-aid Kit:
Basic medicines and first-aid kits are also important to keep with for the Umrah travel. These include cold and flu relief medicines, pain-relief tablets, travel sickness drugs, cough syrups/throat lozenges, diarrhea tablets, bandages, fragrance-free sunblock, cotton, antiseptic cream, muscle pain relief creams, oral rehydration salts, and antibiotics.

Self-care essentials:
Self-care basics can include a lot of things ranging from hygiene essentials to vanity items. These may include:

Towels, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Unscented shampoo and conditioner, Fragrance-free soap (bar or liquid form), Pocket tissues, Fragrance-free wet wipes for Ihram, Hand sanitizer, Hairbrush/comb (only to be used outside the Ihram state), Anti-perspiring, Small mirror, Nail cutter, Small scissors, Razors or shaving machine, Sanitary pads, Unscented moisturizer or cream, Toiletries bag, Alarm clock, Notebook and pen

Packet size Quran and Prayer books:
While packing for the Umrah, the pilgrimage should keep the pocket-size Quran. This is because, during extra time, one can read the holy book. Also, there are several pocket-sized prayer books available that contain prayers from the Quran and Sunnah, which can be recited during the travel.

Going for Umrah is a great blessing of Allah SWT. To make this journey more comfortable and at ease, every pilgrim must follow the above mention advice to cover any sudden requirement. Pilgrims can also avail 10 day Umrah packages 2022 for short-time travel.

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