Pilgrimage Places to Visit in Makkah

Makah is one of the top religious and spiritual cities in Islamic traditions. Visitors from across the globe come here for Umrah and Hajj obligations. Many tour operators provide Umrah packages list of pilgrimage places to visit in Makkah especially in the month of Ramadan to facilitate the pilgrims. There are numerous attractive pilgrimage places that every Muslim wishes to visit.

The Kaaba (The House of Allah SWT):
The Kaaba is one of Saudi Arabia’s most elegant and respected places, and it is also known as the House of Allah. Muslims from across the world come to the Kaaba during the Hajj journey because it houses a black stone that Muslims have faith was once white but has since become black after absorbing the sins of millions of pilgrims who have visited it over the years.

Jabal Al-Nour:
The Saudi Arabian mountain range of Jabal Al-Nour is a place for you to pay a visit while planning pilgrimage places to visit in Makkah and is one of the attractive places in Saudi Arabia, respected by Muslims and people of other religions. The spiritual, historical, and spiritual significance of this mountain to both Islam and Christianity contribute to its social significance. On a religious aspect, Jabal Al-Nour is also significant as one of the holy peaks due to its closeness to Makkah. The mountain is also the site of some of the most vital religious and historical sites in Saudi Arabia such as Wadi Hoff, which has plentiful trees and has been described as the “lung” of Makkah.

City of Mina:
Mina City is famed for being a place filled with tents. Situated at a distance of 8 KM from the holy site of Makah, this valley is known for providing a home to the visitors and pilgrims who visit Makah. The place has more than 100,000 air-conditioned temporary tents which work as accommodation for the ones who come on a Hajj to the holy city of Makah.
The tents here come with all necessary conveniences from the kitchen to well-equipped washrooms, with a regulation that men and women cannot stay combine in the same tent. Due to the large collection of these tents, the place has also called “the city of tents”. Mina is also home to the three pillars which reflect the devil and the ceremonial of throwing a stone on the devil during the last days of Hajj is also performed here.

Mount Arafat:
A historic place which is one of the sites to tour in Mecca and in top list of pilgrimage places to visit in Makkah is Mount Arafat, also known by its Arabic name, Jabal ar-Raḥmah, meaning ‘The Mountain of Mercy’. Visit this hill located about 20 km southeast of Makah and known for its Islamic ethnicities. This is the mountain where the Prophet Muhammad SAW stood and delivered the last Khutba.
Discover the place and climb up the mountain to reach the pillar on the top representing the place where Adam and Eve are said to have been reunited on the Earth after they fell from heaven. On the 9th day of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah, Hajj travelers leave Mina to reach Mount Arafat to spend the whole day on this mountain praying to Allah SWT to remove their sins.

Masjid Ayesha:
Masjid-e-Aisha is also known as Taneem Masjid. Named Masjid-e-Aisha after the wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Aisha, this masjid is a famous destination for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to perform their rites.
This is where the hajis start their trip to Umrah by entering into the state of Ihram. The place is lavish with bathing facilities and washrooms for the pilgrims to use.

One of the most noteworthy cemeteries for Muslims, Jannat-Al-Mualla is where many friends and family of Prophet Muhammad are said to be resting in peace. It is located to the north of Al-Masjid Al-Haram; the distance is about a kilometer, which can be walked in 15 to 20 minutes. Most people visit this cemetery to pay their respects to the deceased souls.

So Makah city is full of spiritual and religious places where pilgrims can visit and illuminate believe with more strength. Many tour operators help to get a visa for Umhra through different Umrah packages 2022 from Manchester.

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