Tips and Advice for Umrah

Tips and Advice for Umrah

Thankfully, we are Muslims. That’s what is the best identity in the whole world. Therefore, we all are obliged to visit the Haram once in a lifetime if we have enough resources. If you agree, then you should prepare for Umrah. It will be an exhilarating experience for you. Above all, your soul will get spiritual energy, which will enable you to live well as a Muslim. You will get your life turned around from all sins.

If you intend to visit KSA for Umrah, then you must prepare yourself for getting back in good spiritual and physical health. In this post, we will tell you tips and advice for your Umrah tour.

Let’s dive into the detail.

Tips you must know

KSA is a foreign country for you. There will be no comfort of home and facilities. Therefore, you must make up your mind to face difficulties. We will guide you in detail. So, you have a pleasant time while touring KSA.

Transport will be expensive and your flight tickets need to be booked days in advance because urgent confirmation of seats is a rare phenomenon in KSA. Moreover, you must also compare the Umrah packages of several companies. After that, you must decide on the right package.

Here are our tips.

Choose Residence Near The Haram

There is too much heat in KSA. If you walk in the day time, then you will get heat burns.
Therefore, you should avoid the sun. However, you have to walk from your residence to the Haram. If you are far from the Haram, then you will have to walk longer, which will take your energy. Above all, you can get exhausted and fall ill. No one wants that. Therefore, ask your travel company to arrange accommodation near Haram.

Many providers already tell the distance in their Umrah & Hajj packages.

Choose Oriental Meal Service.

You will be visiting KSA for the first time. Your stomach can get upset anytime, which can cause serious troubles for your health. Moreover, it may be the water that does not suit you in the KSA. Therefore, you need to be cautious about your diet. For that, you must not eat spicy foods or irregular meals. If you choose an oriental cuisine, then it will not be spicy or too heavy. You can easily digest your meal. So, be ready for any cramps in your stomach. It’s better to avoid them by choosing the right meal service.

Barber hygiene

It is compulsory to cut your hair after Umrah. All providers do not offer hair cutting in their Hajj and Umrah packages. So, you have to choose a barber for yourself. However, there are plenty of barbers in Makkah. Some are offering services on the road. But you should not hire them. Their tools are dirty and unclean. Many persons have their germs on them. The right choice is to go to a licensed shop where you can ask for disposable tools. If you do not opt for this suggestion, then you can come back with infection or any other disease. So, be cautious.

Drink Plenty of Water to Avoid Dehydration

KSA is hot around the year. Only two or three months experience a mild winter. That’s why you will face a hot climate, which will dry you out. Ultimately, you can get a heat stroke. To avoid that, you must keep yourself hydrated. So, drink enough water. If you have enough water in your bloodstream, then you can counter the heatwave in the KSA. Otherwise, you can also get booked in a hospital. Many people coming from cold climates also die in the KSA due to heat.

Moreover, do not drink water from any tap. You need to drink from a bottle, which is specifically produced for drinking, such as a mineral water bottle.

Talk to people.

If you get nervous in the KSA due to its unfamiliar atmosphere, then you have a solution. Talk to people. Many Saudi residents can speak mildly fluent English. It will be enough for having a light conversation. All your anxiety and fears will vanish if you talk with local residents. In fact, KSA has the friendliest people who have hospitality as a prime value. You can also get invited for a dinner or lunch because Saudi people consider this as a virtue to feed a pilgrim.

Talking with people will also give you confidence and a new experience, which will remain in your memories forever. Maybe you tell others your story of interaction with Saudi people when you come back home. You can also talk to the staff of the travel agency provider who provides you Hajj or Umrah package.

Keep your documents with you all the time

The Law around KSA is pretty strict for everyone. However, authorities are light on Umrah visitors. But they do not allow the foreigner to roam around anywhere without proper identification and papers. Therefore, you need to carry your passport all the time. It will make things easy for you. And you will get out of trouble of you went in the wrong area. If you did not have a passport and you were caught loitering in other areas of Makkah, then authorities will deal with you seriously. So, we advise you again. Keep your document with you all the time. It is ugly in cells of KSA. Moreover, you cannot convince the authorities in Arabic.

Make dua frequently

The Haram is the place of forgiveness and bestowments. You can ask Allah anything. That’s you have to raise your hands in dua frequently in the KSA. It will benefit you.

Wrap up
We have the described best tips and advice for Umrah. Now, you must compare Hajj and Umrah packages. After that, you need to select the right one for your family. Keep all our tips in mind. Your tour will be a pleasant one. Have a good day.

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