Top Amazing Places to Visit in Medina

Medina is the second most sacred city that is regarded very vastly in Islam. Millions of people travel to this stunning holy city for religious and tourist purposes and places to visit in Medina. Though most of the people flood this spiritual city during their Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage many also contribute to improving its tourism by seeing some of the most striking tourist places. Masjid-e-Nabawi is the leading place that most people visit on their trip to Medina. Many more wonderful places must be added to your list. As some organizers provide Umrah packages to facilitate The UK citizens for this pious journey.

It is the first masjid recognized by the Prophet SAW after he arrived in Medina. It is the second most sacred place for Muslims after Masjid-Al-Haram. Prophet Muhammad SAW is also buried at this place under the green dome that has become momentous of Masjid-e-Nabawi.

2-Quba Masjid:
Quba Masjid is one of the few must-visit spots in Medina in spiritual means. It is the second-largest and most respected mosque in Medina after the Prophet’s SAW Masjid. One of the oldest masjid in Medina, the sacredness of Masjid Quba lies in the fact that it was founded by the Prophet Muhammad SAW himself after migration.

3-Masjid Al-Qiblatain:
This lovely masjid has an Islamic design pattern and is also famous for its twin Mihrabs and a huge prayer hall. A visit to this holy masjid will certainly give you a rich unforgettable experience. In this mosque, Prophet Muhammad SAW received the command from Allah (SWT) to change the Qibla from Masjid e Aqsa to Kaaba.

4-Masjid Al-Ahzaab (Masjid Al-Fath):
Masjid Al-Ahzaab, located at the western corner of Jabal Sala. The place where this masjid is situated is the same where the enemies attacked Medina. Prophet SAW made prayer here during the battle of Ahzaab and Allah sent him glad tidings of victory.

5-Al-Medina Museum:
This Museum is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Medina. This is the first and the oldest museum in Medina that reflects the history of Islam. The marvelous museum portrays the rich Islamic heritage & the diverse culture of Islam.

6-Old Market Medina:
On your visit to Medina, you must be wishing to take back mementos for fiend and family as this market holds. You can visit the Old Market in Medina to buy gifts for family and friends. Visiting the old market is an astonishing experience as you look for souvenirs, Islamic designs, and unique Arabian products.

7-Wadi e Jinn:
Wadi Al-Baida is located about 41 KM from the northwest of Medina. The valley is assumed to have a mysterious result as the cars move here without drivers driving them. Because of this wonder, this valley draws a million people’s attraction every year.

Yanbu is a beach near Medina which is very attractive as the city itself. This city is located around 120 miles away from Medina. You will come through the harbor city of Yanbu-al-Bahr.

9-The Desert at Mada’ in Saleh:
If you have never gone to a desert then traveling this striking and attractive desert at Medina Saleh would be a great idea. One of the most exotic tourist places in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is now a UNESCO world heritage spot.

10- Mount Uhud:
This mount is located 5 Km north of Medina and it is the same place where the Battle of Uhud took place between Muslims and Quraysh of Makah in 3rd Hijri. This mountain is also the burial ground of Hamza (RA), Prophet’s SAW uncle, and other travel followers of the Prophet SAW that makes it one of the places to visit in Medina.

11-Madina Media Museum:
The Medina Museum will truly surprise you if you are attentive to knowing Islamic history. One should pay a visit to this museum while on a trip to Medina. In the museum, many art designs will give you a recall of Islamic history.

This is the oldest and biggest cemetery of Medina where several companions, wives, and daughters of Prophet Muhammad SAW are buried. These include Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Abbas, and Imam Hassan (RA).

13-Garden of Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA):
It is the date garden where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) planted three hundred date palms to free Salman Farsi (RA) from slavery. One of the best tourist places in Medina, this garden is positioned near Masjid Quba. The orchard still has those date palms and produces tons of dates. Do visit the garden on your trip to Medina.

14-Islamic University:
The Islamic University was established in 1961 by the government of Saudi Arabia and specializes in Islamic subjects. University’s main aim is to convey the message of Islam to the world through preaching and education. It is one of the most dominant places to visit in Medina.

15-Medina Malls:
The Medina city is home to some of the premium malls for both the locals and tourists. It offers an ideal blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment. You will find some of the world’s most well-known brands. Spend your time while exploring Al-Hasan Mall, Al-Noor Mall, and Al-Rashid Mega Mall and creating precious memories.

The various holy places & numerous tourist attraction places to visit in Medina call visitors from all across the world. Many people plan to visit according to their wish list for that person many organizers provide tailor-made Umrah packages 2022 for the ease of pilgrims and tourists.

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