What Is A Good Month For Umrah

What Is A Good Month For Umrah?

Umrah is a religious ritual of Muslims that has high rewards in the afterlife. That’s why many Muslims travel to the KSA in order to perform an Umrah. However, there are times when there is more crowd in the Haram. That’s why performing Umrah becomes hectic. Many Muslims find it difficult to perform Umrah in too much crowd. That’s when residences become expensive, along with all other services. Therefore, if you want to perform Umrah in an easy environment, then you have to choose the right time of the year.

We will show you the right time with respect to weather conditions, crowds, and rewards. So, you must keep reading.

Note: Hajj & Umrah packages do not include such information.

The climate of the KSA

The weather in the KSA is always hot round the year. Hot air frequently blows, which produces heat strokes. That’s why many pilgrims die while performing Hajj and Umrah. If you visit in summer, then it would be very difficult to come back to your country in good health. There is a fair chance that you get ill due to massive heat.

Moreover, you have to walk a lot during Umrah, which is too difficult under the blazing Sun. So, you must get Umrah packages in cold months.

Facilities in summer in the KSA

You will get an air-conditioned residence in the KSA during your Umrah tour. But you have to spend time in the open air, which could be harmful to your health. It’s because you will feel more heat when you go out after spending time in the AC. That’s why you have to drink water bottles with you.

The Best Month for Umrah in Terms of Rewards

You will perform the Umrah with the best rewards in the month of Ramadan. That’s why Ramadan Umrah packages are frequently advertised and expensive. Many scholars suggest performing Umrah in Ramadan because it is the holy month with all the bestowments. You fast in the day and perform Umrah, along with it, which is the most pious act for a Muslim.

So, if you want to achieve high ranks in the eyes of Allah, then you must go for Umrah in the month of Ramadan. But it can also be difficult because nowadays Ramadan comes in the summer.

Note: You can get affordable packages from many providers. But we recommend you perform Umrah in these months:

#1 Best Overall Month for Umrah

The best overall month for Umrah in December. It is known from the majority experience. You will get the easiest situation in this month. That’s why experienced Umrah visitors come in this month because there are reasons that are considerate. The following are the reasons.

Less heat

December is the time if winter in the KSA. That’s why you will not need an AC. You can walk in the Sun easily. And you will never get a heat stroke. The overall living condition will be mildly cold, which is bearable for everyone. Therefore, if you want good weather during your Umrah tour, then come in December.

#2 Best Month for Umrah

The second-best month for Umrah is November. It is known from the overall experience. There are two reasons that make it a second-best month. Firstly, you will find a cold environment, which is best for all Hajjis. Secondly, November is a less crowded month in the KSA. It’s the end of the year, and fewer people opt for Umrah in November. You will find plenty of free space in the Haram in November.

#3 Best Month for Umrah

The third best month for Umrah is January, which is a cold month. You can perform all rituals easily. And you will find all the conditions favorable. Many Muslims from neighboring countries visit in January. That’s why you will find many people from other Arab countries. Moreover, it will be more crowded than in December. But you can find plenty of free space in the Haram.

#4 Best Month for Umrah

The 4th best month for Umrah pilgrimage is February, which is also cold month.

#5 Best Month for Umrah

5th best month for Umrah pilgrimage is March, a little bit warmer than other’s 4 months but bearable. You will also see fewer crowds this month.

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • November
  • December
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After considering all weather conditions and crowd situations, we declare that December is the best month to go for an Umrah. Now, you can choose your preference.

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