What is inside Kaaba?

What is Inside Kaaba? is the most important and most sacred building in this world and it is known that the place where Kabah is built is the part of Jannah. Kabah is considered as the Allah’s House. Other words for Kaaba are Qibla, Baitullah and House of Allah. Muslims face towards it when they offer prayer. It is a great blessing for Muslims to visit this sacred site because visiting it marks Muslims as the guests of Allah.  Most of the people are curious about the What is inside Kaaba?. Lets check it Out.

Inquisitiveness increases when a person comes to know about the importance of inside Kaba. It is human nature that everybody wants to know the full facts about everything happening and about every well-known place. It has been asked by many people that “what is inside Kaaba?” Some of the people also wish to know why Allah has made this place sacred for Muslims.

What is the History and importance of Kaaba?

Kabah was built by Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Hazrat Ismail when they received an order from the Creator of this universe. It was constructed to keep Muslims united by considering it as the single place for worship of the whole Ummah. Today, Muslims offer the five prayers facing the Kaba. Prayer isn’t accepted until a person does not turn his face towards Kaaba.

Does Kaaba and its inside surprise Muslims when they study about the inside of Kaaba?

Kaaba unites the whole Muslim Ummah as all the Muslims visit Kaaba for performing Hajj. Umrah is another mini pilgrimage that is performed in the Great Mosque. These worships keep Muslim Ummah united. On the other hand, the Kaba of the whole Ummah is single and in this way Muslims worship only a single Allah. It also shows the oneness of Allah. One heart for love with Allah and one Kaaba for worship indicates that there is only a single God that is Allah.

Is Kabah a beautiful building and how is it inside?

Kaba is a cube shaped building which is 15 meters tall and 10.5 meters wide from each side. It is located in Great Mosque Zamzam well, Safa and Marwa, and Maqam e Ibrahim is also located inside Great Mosque. Muslims spend most of their time in this Grand Mosque when they go to perform Hajj or Umrah. Tawaf of Baitullah is the first rite of both Hajj and Umrah.

Inside of Kaaba is also beautifully designed and arranged. The door of inside Baitullah and outside is made up of pure gold. The entrance is made attractive. Inside Qibla there are three pillars and a stool type small marble cupboard is made between the first two pillars. All the things used for cleaning Kaaba are kept inside this small cupboard. Pillars inside Baitullah were built in the reign of Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair and still exist. These pillars are holding the building roof inside Kabah.

Where is the Place inside Kaba where Prophet Muhammad offered prayer?

Next to three pillars, there is a place where the Prophets offered Nawafil. This place is specified for offering Nawafil because Prophet Muhammad offered Nawafil here. Kings and Prime ministers of different Muslim countries offer Nawafil when they visit the Grand Mosque. It is the most special place.

Why are lamps hanging across the three pillars inside Kaaba?

Lampas are hanging across the three pillars. Few of these were hanged in the era of Prophet Muhammad and other were hung later during the periods of different emperors. All of these are made up of gold as the main door of Baitullah is also made up of pure gold. Only special people can enter Kaaba and can visit inside of Kaaba. Prime ministers and chiefs of Muslim countries can enter inside Kabah. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the sacred cities and in all the sacred sites of Islam.

What is the composition of inside Kaaba walls?

The walls of Kaaba are beautifully decorated with art of calligraphy on the stones. These stones are fixed on the walls inside Kabah. Next to the place of offering Nawafil, there are few stones fixed on the walls of Kaaba and there are special and traditional writings on these stones. These are traditional calligraphic writings.

What is the composition of the inside Kaaba ceiling?

Ceiling of inside Kaaba is made up of silk cloth and is decorated with the verses of the Book of Allah. Names of Allah are also written on this cloth with pure silver. These writings look more beautiful. There is also a small pink colored silk cloth in the center of the whole light greenish cloth. It is also filled with the verses of the Quran.

What is the location of Marble stone behind the door of Kaaba?

Walls inside Kaaba are decorated with different marble stones with writings on these stones. Behind the door of Kabah, there are marble stones with Kufic writing styles. All other stones contain Khat e Sulas font. After entry inside Qibla, there is another door on the right side which opens to stairs towards the roof of Kaaba. This door is also completely made up of gold like an entrance door.

Who can enter inside Kaaba?

Only special people can go inside Kabah due to the great rush of people around it. Heads of different countries visit inside of Kaba and perform Nawafil in it following the Sunnah of Prophet PBUH. Hazrat Ibrahim and his son constructed it with their hands. Inside and outside of Kaaba both are beautifully decorated.

Is Top and bottom of the Kaba decorated?

Top of Kaba is decorated with silk cloth. It is the internal roof of Kaaba. Whole Kaba looks beautiful due to the internal decoration with silk cloth and names of Allah written with pure silver on this beautiful cloth. Bottom of Kabah is decorated with marble. There are golden and green colored border lines around the floor of Kaaba. These lines make the floor more beautiful.

What questions do people ask about the inside of Kaaba?

Most of the people ask about the inside of the Kaaba. Few people think that someone is buried inside Qibla. Actually no one is buried inside Qibla. Hazrat Ismail is buried outside of the Kaaba. There is a tomb of Ismail which is walled and no one enters the tomb during Tawaf of Kabah. Hazrat Ismail built it with his father Hazrat Ibrahim.

What was the condition of Inside of Kaba when Hazrat Muhammad was born?

Inside of Kaaba was full with the statues of Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail when Hazrat Muhammad was born. People used to worship their statues instead of worshipping Allah.  Allah got angry with this act of people and sent the Prophet as the final guidance for people. Muhammad threw out all the statues when he was blessed with Prophethood. He received his first revelation in the cave of Hira where he used to worship Allah Almighty. After being declared as the Prophet of Allah, he started providing guidance to people.

How are the Walls of Baitullah decorated?

Walls of inside Kaaba are beautifully decorated from the inside and outside of the Kaba is covered with a black cloth. Marble, stone and limestone have been used for the internal decoration and construction of inside Qibla. It is the House of Allah and grabs the attention of the whole world towards it.

Is Kaaba a center of earth?

Kaaba is located near the center of the Grand Mosque. It is located in the center of the earth and is regarded as the part of Jannah. It is a sacred building and therefore, Muslims respect it. Muslims from all over the world face towards it for offering prayers five times.

Who holds the keys of Kaaba?

Bani Shaiba is the name of the tribe holding the keys of Baitullah. Hazrat Ali took keys forcefully from one of the members of Bani Shaiba. Allah’s Apostle received revelation from Allah and was asked to return keys of Kaba to that person. Apostle asked Hazrat Ali to return keys to that person and ordered that keys of Kabaa will remain in the hands of Bani Shaiba until the Day of Judgment.

Apostle showed a little bit of confusion and said that an unfair and unjust person or king may take the keys from that family. With the exception of this thing, no one can take their keys from this tribe. Until today, these keys are present in the hands of Bani Shaiba.

What was inside Kabah before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?

During the era of Quraish, there were two doors of Kaaba. One was on the eastern side and the other was on the western side. People used to go inside Qibla from the east and would go out from the western door. But, five years before the birth of the Last Apostle there remained only one door. Western door was closed to keep checkup of people entering the Kaaba and going out of the Kaba.

Who did renovation of the inside Kaba with the passage of time?

Kabah has been renovated many times in the periods of different emperors. It was renovated in 1995 in the era of King Fahd. It is present in the form as it was renovated in 1995. Greenish cloth was added to the ceiling of inside Baitullah. It has added to the beauty of inside Baitullah. The Kaaba’s pillars that were made in the era of Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair were also renovated.

Once the Black stone placed in one corner of the Kabah was broken into pieces. It was reassembled and was placed inside Kaba. Enemies of Islam tried their best to destroy Kaba but Allah is the best planner and He destroyed the missions of all the enemies of Islam.

How Renovation of inside of Kabah was done?

Due to the natural disasters, Kaba faced many destruction. Natural disasters include floods and heavy rains. Roof of Baitullah and inside was also affected due to these disasters. Interior of the Baitullah was plastered and was protected with the help of marble.

What is Outside of the Kaba?

Outside of the Baitullah is also beautifully decorated. There is a single entrance. Two stones are also kept in the corners of Kabah. One of them is Hajr e Aswad. It was brought from Jannah and was placed in the corner of Baitullah by Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail. It was white when it was revealed from Jannah but it has turned black because a greater number of people touch it and kiss it.

What is meant by the covering of Kaaba (Kiswah)?

Every year, Kabah is covered with a black colored cloth on the 9th of Dhu al Hajjah. It is beautifully decorated with 15 kg threads of gold and is fixed in the base with copper rings. It is made up of silk cloth and adds to the inside beauty of Kaba. Golden color in this black cloth matches the golden color of the door of Kaaba. It is also decorated with the verses of the Quran.

How is the Tawaf of Kaba performed?

Muslims from all over the world gather around Kaba to perform its Tawaf. There is a line in front of the Black Stone. Tawaf starts from this line and after completing seven rounds of Kaaba, it ends at the same line. People kiss it because Prophet Muhammad kissed it. Kissing the Black stone provides rid from sins.

Can Muslims go inside Kabah during Hajj and Umrah?

Muslims are obliged to perform Hajj that is the fifth basic pillar of Islam. Umrah is the mini Hajj that most of the Muslims perform as it is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. Baitullah is not open for every Muslim due to great rush of people around it. Only a few people can go inside Kaaba with full security. These are the special guests of Saudi Ministries.

Can Non-Muslims go inside Baitullah?

Non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter the sacred city of Makkah. Non-Muslims do not accept the orders of Allah Almighty and His Prophet and therefore, they are not allowed to enter the city and House of Allah Almighty. There are no airports in Makkah to avoid flights of Non-Muslims over the Kaba. Non-Muslims can be fined if they enter the city of Makkah.

Can a person offer prayers inside Kaba?

A person can offer Nawafil inside Baitullah but Fardh prayers cannot be performed in Kaba. Fardh prayers are offered out of Baitullah facing towards it. Prophet Muhammad offered Nawafil inside it and today, most of the people desire to offer Nawafil at that place.

Why Kabah is important for Muslims?

Kabah is important and special for Muslims as it is the sacred building called the House of Allah Almighty. It is present in the city where Prophet Muhammad was born. Muslims love this sacred site because of this reason and when they go to perform Hajj and Umrah, they visit this site. Visiting this site rewards Muslims as the guests of Allah.

Is Kabah a source of uniting Muslims and enhancing brotherhood?

Single Kaba is the source of rising unity among the Muslims as all the Muslims face towards it while offering their five prayers. Muslims gather at this single place at the occasion of Hajj and complete seven rounds around it. Ihram as a simple clothing, performance of all the rites of Hajj together, and performing Tawaf of Kaba together are the ways to unite the whole Muslim Ummah. Occasion of Hajj is an exemplary occasion for humanity.

Love of Muslims with Kabah?

Muslims love Baitullah as it has great importance in their lives. Muslims are inquisitive about inside Baitullah and respect it as Allah’s Last Apostle showed his love for it when he was leaving Makkah. Makkah was his birth place and he developed feelings of love with this sacred site. At the occasion of the conquest of Makkah, he first went inside Kaba and also performed its Tawaf. Today, millions of Muslims perform Tawaf of Baitullah.

Are Angels performing Tawaf of Kabah?

Every night a batch of seventy thousand angels perform Tawaf of Kabah. Once a batch has completed Tawaf, it never comes for Tawaf. Every night a new batch comes to perform Tawaf of Kaba. It is the duty of angels to keep themselves busy in worshipping Allah Almighty.

What is the actual location of Kabah?

Today, Kabah is present near the center of the Grand Mosque. Grand Mosque is the greatest mosque of Islam. Places of great importance have been made a part of Haram. Safa and Marwa have also been made a part of the Great Mosque. Zamzam well is present at 20 m distance from Kabah. These are all the surroundings of Kabah.

What is Current shape of Kabah?

Kabah is a cubic shaped building with 15 meters of height. It is 10.5 meters from every side. A staff has been assigned the duty of cleaning the Baitullah. It is cleaned with Zamzam water. All the equipment used for cleaning the Baitullah are kept inside the Kabah in a cupboard that is present in it.  

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