What is Tawaf And How Do You Perform It

What is Tawaf And How Do You Perform It?

The two significant Islamic obligations in Islam are Hajj and Umrah. It’s one of the utmost rituals that most of the Muslims always dream of doing in their life. The time-period of Hajj starts in the last month of the Islamic calendar, every year. However, Umrah can be done anytime throughout the year. Although services made it easier for the pilgrims to perform each ritual, many are still confused with the various forms of Tawaf, and they are still confused about how to achieve it. Today, you will be going to learn all of the aspects of Tawaf with a detailed guide in the below section. In response with question asked What is Tawaf And How Do You Perform It? Lets check it out.

Before starting anything, it’s essential to understand what the meaning of tawaf is? So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it below.

What is the Meaning of Tawaf?

Tawaf is the essential part of Umrah and Hajj; without it, both of the rituals are considered as incomplete. 

In general, tawaf refers to walking around Kaaba seven times in a precise manner. As the Discussion of tawaf is going on, we want you to be aware of the importance of this part as per the saying of Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Ibn-e-Abbas Narrated that Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, “Any pilgrim who visit Allah Home on Hajj or Umrah, Allah shower one hundred and twenty folds of blessing on his mercy”. 

Among those 120 folds, sixty folds of blessing are for those who perform the tawaf in a particular manner. Forty folds are for those who perform pray at Kaaba, while the remaining twenty folds are for those who will look at the Kaaba.

What is the Purpose of Tawaf?

However, people tend to perform the Tawaaf, but most of the time, they tend to know about its purpose after completing it. Coming to the significant point, so Tawaaf is a walk around the Kaaba during the Hajj or Umrah. To complete it, you need to walk seven times in a counterclockwise direction around the Kaaba.

The purpose of doing Tawaaf shows that all of the Muslims coming from different part of the world, more or less wealthy, tends to go in the holy place for worship. 

All of them believe in one Almighty Allah, and walking around together shows their trust in Allah to complete all of their desires in the mortal world, and the world hereafter.

The Majority of the times, people from other religions tend to say that Muslims worships Kaaba. However, Muslims tend to gather on the holy place to worship the Almighty Allah and the way he (Allah) ordered every Muslim to do worship.

How Many Types of Tawaf?

Five Types Of Tawaf:

#1: Tawaf-Al-Qudoom:

Those of you who are deciding to perform Qiran an Ifrad hajj, they can perform Tawaf-Al-Qudoom. For this, a mahram mens must need to perform tawaaf in the umrah and hajj. 

It’s mandatory to wear the Ahram; however, in this type, sai should be done by the performers of Qiran Hajj after the tawaf ends.

The process is optional for those who are performing Ifrad Hajj. Men must jog (Ramal) for the first three round of tawaf, while the women’s can complete the seven rounds by walking.

#2: Tawaf-Al-Umrah:

A person who is 48 miles away from Mecca can perform both Hajj and Umrah. This Tawaf is mostly performed by those believers who have decided to do Tamattu Hajj. 

In this tawaf, mahrams must perform different idtiba. It’s required to wear Ahram when he/she (pilgrim) complete sai after tawaaf. 

During the Tawaaf time, Men’s must need to do Ramal in the first three rounds of Tawaaf. However, women can take seven normal rounds.

#3: Tawaf-Al-Ifada:

It’s a tawaf for haj, where both genders can complete the seven rounds by walking. There is no mandatory rule to wear Ahram, instead, the tawaf will also be performed with regular clothes.

After the Tawaf Ends, the qiran hajj or tamattu hajj performers will also need to perform sai. Those who performed Ifrad hajj and they haven’t done it after the tawaf, and then they are also advisable to complete it.

#4: Nafl-Tawaf:

Whether you’ve done Ifrad, Qiran, or Tammatu hajj, you can perform this tawaf. Both genders will have to complete seven rounds around the Kaaba in a counterclockwise manner. After tawaf ends, Sai is not mandatory to do.

#5: Tawaf-Al-Widaa:

Widaa refers to Farwell, where the Qiran, Tamattu, or Ifrad hajj performers can do this tawaf. The pilgrims can do it in regular clothes and a reasonable manner. 

To-Do List on Tawaf:

  • Make sure to do wudhu before performing Tawaaf. It’s also mandatory to clean yourself from all kinds of wrong thoughts.
  • If women are on Menstruation period, they must need to clean themselves to do this tawaf. So, Allah has given relief not to do tawaaf for women in this time.
  • Women’s can perform all other duties in Hajj or Umrah. Even they are in menstruation period. However, Tawaaf is prohibited in such case.
  • Men must do jog in the first three rounds of tawaaf, while the remaining rounds can be performed in a usual way.
  • Women’s can perform the seven rounds of tawaf in a normal manner.
  • The starting and ending point of tawaaf must be from the black stone, which is also known as Hajar-al-Aswad.
  • Without any purpose, no-one is allowed to talk in a loud voice during the tawaf.
  • After finishing the tawaf, it’s good to slow your walking pace and gradually leave the tawaf area, so no collision or harm would happen to you or others.
  • The interruption in tawaf is only allowed based on namaz-e-janaza or fardh sala. The tawaf will also stop when you are feeling hungry, thirsty, or needs to go to the washroom. After coming back, you can re-start the tawaaf from where you left it.
How to Start Tawaf?

When you are going for tawaf and enters the mosque, you must recite a few verses. The sunnah way to come in the mosque area is by placing your right foot first, praise almighty Allah and ask for his mercy.

The verses you should recite will be provided to you in the Instruction book for Umrah or Hajj.

After reciting the verses, you have to go straight towards the Hajar-al-Aswad area. You can easily indicate the place by looking at the green light on Kaaba.

You have to kiss the stone or touch it with your hand, and then kiss your hand. If it’s impossible for you to reach near the Hajar-al-Aswad due to the crowd, you can face the black stone from the tawaf line.

All you have to do is to show gesture by raising your hands toward the stone, and no need to kiss your hand in such a situation.

Now, walk in the anti-clockwise pattern and say bismillah wallahu Akbar. You can also pray in Arabic or other languages, or you can also recite Quran in tawaf time. 

It’s essential for you not to enter the hateem premises, because the tawaf in hateem area is not considered as complete. 

For men’s, it’s crucial to complete the first three round through Ramal (jog), and the remaining four rounds in a usual manner. However, women’s can complete the seven rounds in a normal way.

During the tawaf round, you will also reach the Rukn-al-Yamani corner. It’s good to touch it and say bismillah wallahu Akbar.

However, if you will not reach it, then there is no need to touch. There is a verse you have to recite from rukn-al-Yamani corner to the black stop. You can get this verse on the instruction book of Hajj or umrah.

The first round will complete when you again reach the Hajar-al-Aswad point. If you are near to its reach, then you have to kiss or touch it. 

Repeat the same steps for seven consecutive rounds, and your tawaf will complete. The men’s should cover their right shoulders after tawaf ends.

After completing the tawaf, head towards the maqam-e-Ibrahim, stand in a gesture that it’s only between a performer and Kaaba. There is a verse you will get to know about in the instruction book for Hajj or Umrah, which you have to recite.

The Sunnah ways is to offer two rakat nafal of sallah. It’s mandatory to recite Surat-ul-kafirun in the first rakat, and surat-ul-ikhlas in the second. 

You can offer it at any place in the haram, because the crowd tends to be higher, so there would be less space for you to provide it within the maqam-e-Ibrahim area.

What you have to do if you are still in confusion?

After reading the complete information, you might still get confused about the whole process of Tawaf. It’s better to keep in touch with a traveling app and book your Umrah packages or hajj packages through them.

Because they are much more aware of all the things that tend to be performed in the right way, whether you are booking Ramadan Umrah Packages, they will guide you in the a better idea.

Moreover, booking through them tends to provide you with the chance to travel with the group. They will also guide you as well throughout the Hajj or Umrah duration about the right way to perform the rituals.

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