What Surprised You About Turkey

What Surprised You About Turkey?

Turkey is located in Southeastern Europe. And Lets discuss What Surprised You About Turkey? The neighboring countries of Turkey include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Its strategic location helps it control the Turkish straits that connect Aegean and Black seas. In addition to this, Turkish people enjoy a unique socio-economic landscape. To be precise, Turkey is a mixed economy with its private sector growing exponentially. Last but not the least, the geographical landscape has blessed Turkey with enormous tourism opportunities for its inhabitants and people from the world. Here are a few things about Turkey that will certainly fascinate you.

Biggest And Oldest Malls

The grand bazaar of Istanbul was established in 1455 after the Ottoman captured Constantinople. However, this market is expanding over time. It has more than 3000 shops lined covering over 333,000 square feet of the area. Exploring it all is not possible for you, yet people cannot stop themselves from visiting it. Grand bazaar was considered no.1 tourist attraction in 2014 attracting over 91 million people.

The Rich Heritage of Turkey 

Many people link turkey today with the Ottoman Empire. However, the history of it goes much further back, when the country was not even Muslim. Before the Ottomans, Turkey was known as Anatolia. It has been populated since the Stone Age. It has seen civilizations like Assyrian, Greek, Roman, etc. Just because of this rich history, Turkey has some wonders that you cannot relate to the modern world. You can find ancient churches, mosques, and temples, which shows turkey was home to many civilizations. 

What Surprised You About Turkey? Easy inside travel

Turkey’s infrastructure facilitates tourists to its fullest. Roads are well kept, highways are easy to navigate. Hotels are available with all services at very reasonable prices. Moreover, people mainly working in the tourism industry know how to speak English, which helps to communicate with them easily.

Unique Turkish food Surprised You About Turkey

Whenever we talk about delicious food and desserts, we just cannot ignore Turkey. The history of several delicious dishes originates from Turkey such as Baklava. Going back to the Ottoman Empire, baklava is one of the most notorious Turkish dishes and an unquestionable requirement for anybody with a sweet tooth. This layered and loaded with nuts, and made in syrup and pistachios for an extraordinary Mediterranean treat. You can discover baklava in many pastry shops and stores. However, it’s best when freshly prepared. Kofte is one of the other famous dishes served in Turkey. It is also known as Turkish meatballs. It can be of any size, and it can be served with rice, plain yogurt, or can be eaten solo. Many other dishes are only offered in Turkish cuisines, such as Donor, Pide, Kumpir, Meze, Sis kebab, etc.

Greenery Surprised You About Turkey

When you enter into the capital of Turkey (Istanbul), you will see a surprising amount of greenery, freeways lined with flowers and grass. Turkey has a special budget fixed for the parks, and there are a great number of beautiful parks located in every city of Turkey. You would see many apartments and buildings on the entrance of Turkish cities, but the majority of them are decorated with trees and flowers.

Cleanliness Surprised You About Turkey

Turks are very concerned about the cleanliness. Dustbins are available to use on every road and building. In addition to this, they have strict laws regarding cleanliness. In a bid to maintain high standards of hygiene, the cities have been kept less populated deliberately. Though the population of Istanbul is almost 15-19 million, yet places are not over crowed. Cities such as Bombay with the same population is very hard to handle, it has a lot of pollution and over-crowded places. You will surely not experience fighting for elbow space in public transports and markets, unlike the overpopulated countries all over the world.

Affordable Housing Surprised You About Turkey

Turkey is very budget-friendly if we compare it to the destinations in Western Europe. You can easily find a hostel in all the main cities in Turkey at reasonable rates. Furthermore, if you prefer hotels, it will cost you around $100 with all services included. Regular restaurants can cost you $10-25 per person. The seafood offered along the coastal line of the Mediterranean sea is very cheap, you can buy a huge seafood platter for very little money. Putting all things in a nutshell, Turkey is a very affordable place to explore. People who think it is super cheap must be wrong too. It is not super cheap but cheap.

Safe tourist attraction Surprised You About Turkey

Turkey is a very safe place to visit, the crime rate in Turkey is very low, and people of the country are genuinely not involved in any terrorist attacks. However, little crimes do exist in Turkey, such as pocket-picking, you need to take care of your essentials, but in case of any lost items, you will find police and the residents very helpful. Moreover, Turkey is also considered to be a haven for Women, with less or no crimes reported against women. People respect the opposite gender. 

Tipping is not necessary Surprised You About Turkey

Tipping is assumed to be a mandatory thing in different countries in Middle East. However, it is not the same in Turkey. Tipping is as yet valued and expected in certain cases where a service has been delivered (like at eateries), However, there isn’t as much strain to tip for little things as there is in other regions in the world. At cafes, a tip of 5-10% is common, and you’ll need to tip in cash; there’s generally no other way to add a tip to a credit card option.

Turkish people are very kind

People in Turkey are very welcoming and friendly. They are always inviting tourists to their town, often offering you small gifts and tea, even if they are not rich. Sometimes, if they are even trying to sell you something, but they will still be very good to you even if you say no. These are the little things, but they surely leave a great impression. If you are looking for a country where you should be welcomed as a tourist, Turkey would be a very good choice. 

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