Why Is Hajj So Expensive?

Every year Hajj is getting expensive. People save money for years in order to reach Saudi Arabia. But every year many people cannot get to do that because of out of range expenses. Why is that? It made me think. That’s why I logged on to the internet and searched for a while. It gave me some insights, which I want to share. That’s why I am writing this blog. You will know every reason behind the expensive cost of Hajj. So, you must keep reading further. It will educate you as well as amuse you. Lets take a deep look Why Is Hajj So Expensive?

Hajj In The Old Days

Before 1950, Hajj was never an expensive tour. Every pilgrim brought his own things, and there were no high expenses. People lived in tents around Makkah. But with time, things changed. Saudi government stated charging visa fees, and people built buildings around the Haram. This way, renting of space started, which is now a business in Makkah. There are hundreds of hotels that offer room service. Moreover, in the old days, every pilgrim has to slaughter his animal by himself. Now, all system is organized. Every pilgrim pays for the slaughter charges.

Why Is Hajj So Expensive

Hajj In Present Days

Now, everything is organized. Pilgrims never have to worry about anything. They only need to come, and all things are ready. When they land on Saudi soil, their transport is right at the airport. After reaching the hotels, which is already booked in advance, they have meal rightly served. During all Hajj time, a pilgrim has to ask the thing, and it is readily available for him/her. If there is a medical emergency, then teams of doctors are present. Moreover, hospitals are fully prepared to handle anything. But all these facilities never come free. The Saudi government has to organize and hire people for that, which comes at a price. That’s why the Saudi government has to charge pilgrims.

Why Is Hajj So Expensive present days

There are plenty of reasons. But I will describe a few gradually. So, you must keep reading.

Increased number of applicants

Every year the number of applicants increases. Those people who never got the opportunity in the last year, they apply this year. But the number of seats is limited. Saudi government allows a fixed number of people to every country. That’s why governments of those countries increase Hajj rates.

International currency depreciation

Every country has the same problem. The currency depreciates every year gradually. If Hajj is $4000 in the last year, then due to depreciation, it will become a few hundred dollars expensive this year. Moreover, the currency of every country has to be exchanged for getting Saudi Riyal, which is getting higher every year. That’s why Hajj prices increase even if other prices remain the same. But other prices also increase, which puts the burden on the pilgrim.

Increase in prices of rent in Makkah

Every pilgrim has to stay in a room, which is rented space. The operators of hotels have to pay rent to the owners. And every owner increases the rent price every year, which increases the hotel booking fees and other services. Moreover, when Hajj time comes, every hotel increase charges in order to earn more, which increases the overall Hajj cost.

Increase in prices of transport

Why Is Hajj So Expensive? Pilgrims have to avail of transport during Hajj, which is provided by traveling operators. Every year transport companies increase charges, which increase the overall cost. But there is one more thing. Travel luxuries have also increased. Now, every pilgrim wants the best buses and comfortable journeys, which also come at a higher price.

Increase in the cost of Mualim

Every pilgrim group needs a Mualim for Hajj guidance who tells all things to pilgrims. Every year, Mualims increase their service charges, which affect the cost of Hajj. Moreover, established scholars charge even more, which also increases the cost of Hajj.

Bad policies of the Saudi government

The Saudi government is doing nothing to stabilize the Hajj prices. In fact, Hajj is the time of earning for Arabs. There is no regulatory authority over hotels. No one can fix rent rates. There is no regulation for travel companies. That’s why they charge whatever they can.

In fact, the Saudi government only focuses on the management of Hajj as an even. But it is not concerned with Hajj prices. Saudi authorities do not show interest in regulating the overall cost. That’s why prices increase every year. And there is no sign of getting prices down from the Saudi government.

Increase in flight rates

Air travel companies increase the rates of flight tickets when Hajj comes. Every year, process increase and never come down. Therefore, the overall cost of Hajj increases every year. If air companies stabilize the prices for a few years, then Hajj prices can also stabilize. But it is not going to happen. This is the primary reason for Why Is Hajj So Expensive?


We have described why Hajj prices are getting expensive. If you want to perform Hajj, then you must do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will get higher rates every year. Maybe, time cones when Hajj has become unaffordable for the majority of pilgrims. Have a good day.

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